Integrity Stonework strives to be one of the best in Seattle, WA. We are happy to have so many satisfied customers over the years. At Integrity Stonework we have worked from the ground up to be recognized as a good, reliable and honest company. We aren’t a big namecooperation, we’re a local business who cares for each and every one of our customers.

When you work with us for your countertop/stone needs we’ll start the work with $0 down payment. We care about our customers and making them happy. Some other companies may ask you for 80% up front. We just ask for you to pay for the materials until our work is completely finished and inspected.

We offer free estimates for any project you’re wanting done. To help you receive the closest estimate, we need a simple sketch of your project, measurements, and any other details that will help us understand exactly what you want. Feel free to call us at 425-582-7442, send us an email or even visit us in store!

We have a large variety of different stones, colors, and variations for you to choose from. You can choose from, Quartz, Granite, Marble, Soapstone, or Quartzite.

Some of our most typical jobs include: kitchen counter tops, backsplash, bathroom countertops, showers, and fireplaces. Of course we can work with you to create any idea you have in mind. Contact us to see how we can help!


Template Appointment

Once we receive your sketch with all the details and have a strong idea of what you want done, and you’re happy to move forward with us, we invite you in and show you an exact template of what we plan to do. We ask for you to be present during this step to make sure everything is perfect before we order and cut pieces.

Template Layout

For the next step we’ll ask for you to come in again so we can stay on the same page and you’re happy from start to finish. During this visit we’ll work on the layout of the countertops or other project you want. We will have you help layout and position the templates on the stone of your choice.


At Integrity Stonework we have great tools and machinery to cut the stone to make sure it’s a perfect fit. We promise to only give you great quality work.


We promise to take every precaution when installing your new countertops or stone into your home. The last thing we want is any damages to the new stone or anything inside. Along with that, our craftsmen know to look for the small details that need done. Some things that we won’t miss are, tight silicone and caulk lines, surface and miter polishing, and seam matching.

Final Product

Once we’ve finished our part, we’ll go over everything and make sure you’re completely satisfied with the project. Then you’ll be able to enjoy it for years!


Granite can increase the value of your kitchen, shower, or other places you decide to install it. When you choose Granite for your stone needs, you wont be disappointed with how solid and durable they are, and how beautiful they are. With Granite you won’t need to worry about stains, it’s very difficult for Granite to get any stains in them. Another positive to Granite is, it chips rarely – obviously any stone can chip – but Granite will be a tougher stone. When you choose your Granite piece, you’ll come to find out how unique every piece is.

Usually when you walk in a house and see a Granite countertop you think “wow that looks expensive!”. But, when you choose to work with Integrity Stonework servicing your Seattle stonework needs, we’ll help you find the best affordable option. We’ll help you find a stone you’re happy with and also fits your budget.

Some tips to keeping your Granite counters in the best shape is cleaning or wiping down your counters every day. And, luckily you don’t need anything fancy, just a simple cleaner with no harsh chemicals like bleach. When Granite has a sealer on it, it can last up to 10 years, if you take care of it. Using harsh chemicals can dull or weaken the sealant. Granite is such a great option and will last you years and years, when treated properly.


Quartz stone is also a very durable and reliable material. This would be a great option as Quartz is stain resistant and very difficult to scratch or chip. Quartz is also one of the most popular stone to have as a kitchen countertop in the US. It’s also very easy to maintain and clean – all you need is a wet rag and a gentle cleaner! Very easy to maintain and clean. Upgrade your Seattle home with new Quartz countertops!

For quite a while Quartz didn’t receive the attention it deserves. Lately people have seen how great of a stone it is. Who doesn’t want a durable material that also creates a beautiful look in your home?

We want to share with you why we love Quartz so much. As we mentioned before, it’s a great low maintenance material. You won’t be needing any yearly work on it. If you keep it clean you shouldn’t have any problems! You’re able to have low maintenance because Quartz is a non-pourous material and also very strong.

Quartz is a man made material, typically made from 90% natural ground Quartz material and the rest is a resin, polymer or pigment. You’re never going to get two pieces that look the same! If you think Quartz would be a fit for your Seattle home, give us a call at 425-582-7442.

Another cool feature of Quartz is, because it’s man made, it can come in a variety of colors, and also mimic other stones appearance. You’ll have an opportunity to browse through our large collection of Quartz stone to see what style you like best. You could have three different projects involving Quartz, and they could all have a unique look.


Marble is one of those stones that has a timeless feel to it, and you’d be surprised at how many variations there are! When you think of marble you might think of that pristine white with some gray accents. Marble can come in a variety of colors too! There are beautiful brown marble pieces too. Take a look at our collection and see if there’s any Marble cuts you like.

One misconception of Marble is how difficult it is to clean. Basically things that are corrosive, like lemon or other acidic foods, can respond negatively to Marble. There’s plenty of safe cleaners to use with your marble countertops, just nothing that would react poorly with the stone.

You just need to be a little extra careful with what comes in contact with your marble. It can stain from some products like red wine or coffee or artificial colored things. One other important thing about marble is it can be harmed by high heat. So, just make sure to put a hot pad down before you set a pot down.


Soapstone is becoming more and more popular for home owners when choosing new countertops. Soapstone will give you a really unique look you won’t get from other popular stones.

With soapstone counters you won’t need to worry about acidic fruits touching it, or staining from wine or coffee. Soapstone does have a little different process is care. The suggested maintenance – though not required – is to put a layer of mineral oil on it. This will create an oxidization and cause the stone to darker and really bring out it’s natural beauty.

Like some of the other stones, you should be able to clean it with a gentle cleaner. You won’t need any sort of specialty cleaner, you also won’t need to do any extra work like getting a sealant.

There are a few different physical variations of Soapstone – regular, aged, and oiled. Untreated Soapstone will typically be lighter in color, just be aware of any oils spilled may change the appearance of the stone. Aged Soapstone is a very popular way to go. To achieve this look you need to oil it a few times to your desired shade. And, keep in mind you won’t need to replace this process to keep up the look. For an oiled Soapstone look you can add layers or oil until it builds up the desired color. You may like the look of only a few oilings, or you may like the look of oiling the countertop every few years or so. It’s all personal preference and up to you!

We would love to help you revamp your Seattle home whether it’s new countertops, a new shower, a new fireplace, or a new bar area. Whatever your stone project is, reach out and we’d love to see if we can help. We have a variety of stones and colors of each, you’re bound to find something that matches your style. Give us a call or send us an email!